Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse


Visit the Breakwater Lighthouse, also known as the Wollongong Harbour Lighthouse because it’s situated on the southern breakwater of the harbour.

It’s been active since 1974 and although no longer needed, a decorative light is displayed on special occasions.  It’s 12 metres high hand is an iconic part of Wollongong’s history.

It fell into disrepair but was restored in 2002.

The Flagstaff Hill lighthouse is still active and is a spectacular sight at night, sending it’s beams out across the harbour to guide the ships in the dark.

RGML7255 Wollongong Harbour

It’s a brilliant photo opportunity and a must visit if in Wollongong.  Take a photo on the canon.  The windswept grassy hill is the quintessential coastal locale, perfect for flying kites and hanging out, waiting for a spectacular pacific sunset.

There’s cafe’s nearby to take advantage of and parking is free.

For the explorer, the old rock pools are just below the lighthouse where you can discover the sea life left behind after the tide goes out.

The beach is nearby so it’s a great spot for all, whether you’re a bird-watcher, surfer, surfer-watcher, picnicer, photographer or just want to sit back and relax.

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