Symbio Wildlife Park

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Symbio Wildlife Park is a zoo situated in Helensburgh in NSW about halfway between Wollongong and Sydney and a roughly 45 minute drive from either city.

The motto is “We’ll get you closer” and that’s certainly true at Symbio where you’ll get to meet some truly iconic animals up close and personal.

Create wonderful memories with animal encounters of all kinds and take them home with you with some truly fantastic photographic opportunities.

Meet Leo the albino Echidna, he has no colour pigmentation and this affects 1 in 17,000 so he sure is special.

Feed the kangaroos from your hand and meet the big cats. The tigers are huge but playful too. Visit the reptile hut to meet some amazing cold blooded creatures including Gertie the stunning Green Tree Python.

The meerkat experience is fantastic, they climb, nibble and snuggle their way into your hearts. You get to hand feed these adorable cuties and they’re incredibly friendly. Learn all about their interesting antics and social life.

Meet the happiest animal in the world, the red panda or experience the hyperactive cheekiness of a monkey encounter.

There’s the iconic koala encounter, one of the world’s most beloved animals, you can take some great snaps with the young koalas in their enclosure. You can also meet the Australian dingo and discover their amazing affection personalities.

There are a range of fantastic guided tours and experiences to undertake including a tour that will take you throughout the whole park including a ‘Keeper for a day’ experience which takes you behind the scenes.

It’s an incredible day out, meeting the passionate zoo keepers and experiencing animal encounters of all kinds.

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