Four incredible waterfalls, one day trip


If you’re looking to escape the city on a day trip in the outdoors then you’ll want to hear about how you can visit four four pristine waterfalls and explore the winding, rolling countryside of the Illawarra while you’re at it.

Your day out can include visits to dairy farms, exploring dirt tracks through the rainforest, bushwalking and of course, waterfalls!

First stop is Cascade Falls, reached through the easy and beautiful Cascades Rainforest Walk. You may like to stop off for morning tea at the picnic ground.

After your Cascade Falls interlude, head up Macquarie Pass and follow the signs towards your next stop, Fitzroy Falls. The drive is about 40 minutes.

Morton National Park is where Fitzroy falls is located and you could easily spend an entire day exploring this stunning reserve. There’s a cafe and amenities and you’ll want to head out to Jersey lookout for a spectacular view of the falls themselves.

Kangaroo Valley. Fitzroy Falls.

From Fitzroy Falls it’s only 15 minutes to the next waterfall on the list, Belmore Falls. You’ll find a brilliant lookout with incredible views over the Kangaroo Valley but if you keep walking you’ll get to the lookout at Belmore Falls itself.

Belmore Falls.jpg
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As your day progresses you may like to head back to Robertson and perhaps partake of some lunch, the Robertson Pie Shop is a great little place for that, relax and enjoy the small town before heading along Jamberoo Mountain Road for just 30 minutes off to the final waterfall on the list, Carrington Falls.

The loop trail for this waterfall is roughly 500 meters however there are some steep steps, but the view is well worth it. Water cascades down dark rock into the gorge below and the view you get from the lookout is simply amazing.

Carrington Falls in Fog.JPG
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By now it’s afternoon and you’ve seen four of the most tall and stunning waterfalls in Australia in day trip, what you do for the rest of the afternoon is up to you. You could head back to Robertson or maybe take a 30min drive down to Jamberoo.


Image 1 By OzIcedog – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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