Craft Beer at the Illawarra Brewery

Assorted Beers In A Flight

Want to enjoy some awesome, locally brewed craft beer? Then head to the popular Illawarra Brewery. First established in 2001 and originally named the Five Islands Brewing Company after the five islands just off Wollongong’s coast.

It’s located right on the beach at Wollongong, this sizable microbrewery offers many custom brews and flavours as well as the perfect accompaniment, hearty pub fare.

Head there for happy hour of a day and bump shoulders with the locals, whose motto is surely “the more the merrier”.

Get really into your beer tasting. Talk in depth about full malt bills, the subtlety of standard amber ale and the balancing of hops against roasted malt flavours. Get to know your craft beers, whether you’re after something subtly spicy, a hint of floral sweetness or an earthy, malty pilsner, it’s all available at the Illawarra Brewery, a must visit when in Wollongong.

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