The Beautiful Wollongong Botanic Gardens


A trip to Wollongong isn’t complete without a trip to the botanical garden. It’s a great lace to just relax either on your own or with family and friends. The grounds are exceptionally tidy and stunningly beautiful. Full of wildlife and beautiful plants, ancient trees and flowers.

The garden is divided into sections, one side has a traditional English Countryside feel, full of carefully manicured hedges and flowerbeds with close trimmed lawns and carefully designed and ordered displays.

The other side is Asian themed and there’s a fantastic rose garden. The elements of the garden surprise and delight you as you walk through. Take the time to sit down under the boughs of one of the huge sprawling trees and read a book in the peace and quiet of the gardens, there’s even a bookcase for visitors.

Wander the paths and get lost in a different world. It’s a great place to get away from it all for a while, giving you time with your thoughts.

There’s also plenty of space for activities, family picnics and barbecues are obvious good times. The citrus area and jungle are absolute delights for kids to explore.

Don’t forget your camera, there are some great photography opportunities at the Botanic Gardens.

Set on the lower slopes of Mt Keira, these sweeping gardens with their beautiful artworks and water features are a must visit when visiting the Illawarra.

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