The Australian Motorlife Museum


Described as a hidden gem in the midst of the Illawarra, the Australian Motorlife Museum in Wollongong is probably where you least expect it.

But that’s part of it’s charm. A visit to the museum will leave your jaw dropped. It’s a deceiving set of buildings from the outside, so when you see just how many vintage automotive treasures they’ve packed in, you’ll be gobsmacked

You’ll find some of the best kept vintage cars, motorcycles and all of their related gadgets in Australia.

You might get the chance to take a ride in a century-old vintage car but that’s not all there is to do.  There’s a huge range of classic equipment and trinkets from days gone by. Step back in time and discover the old world as it was.

The enthusiastic volunteers run this non-for-profit organisation for the love of their hobby, when you can, get into a conversation with one of the passionate staff, you’ll be amazed by how much they know and the stories they can share.

The items are changed regularly so there’s often something new to see, a great reason to come back.

It’s great for kids too, mainly because of the passionate staff who are generous with their time.

Be enthralled at the Australian Motorlife Museum. It’s only a day trip from Sydney and the entry fee is more than reasonable. History not to be missed.

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